Generic x86 64 bit GNU/Linux Package

These packages contains GTD as well as compiled copies of the Guile Scheme interpreter, and the Chickadee, SDL, and OpenGL scheme libraries. Downloads are available on Savannah:

After downloading the most recent gtd-gnu-amd64-*.tar.gz​ file, unpack it with command

tar -x -f gtd-gnu-amd64-*.tar.gz -v -k

Then start it with

cd gtd-gnu-amd64

For it to start, you may need to install a few other dependencies, though most of these are likely to be installed already on a GNU desktop system:

  • libgmp
  • libiconv
  • libintl
  • libltdl
  • libunistring
  • libgc
  • libffi
  • opengl
  • sdl2

Debs, RPMs, etc?

I do not have any distribution specific packages at present, but that is on the TODO list.


I do not support Windows or other proprietary operating systems, but if somebody wanted to make the packages I could host them.