Release 2018-06-28

I was hesitant to make this release, but decided to go ahead, in order to try and keep my release schedule. Most of the work this month refactoring the code, while few actual changes to the game are visible.

Build for x86-64 architecture, GNU/Linux operating system:

SHA1: f38ca8027a9c2c8ab6f99dea22cb071240d99e45

Source code:

SHA1: c693f8c7c721c4ede3b6ac992b878597802feefb

Significant changes:

  • Switched from visible bullets, to animations of the towers firing. Known bugs:
    • The delay turret animation is not implement yet, so it does not appear to be firing even though it is.
    • The towers appear to continue firing even when the game is over.
  • Cost and firing parameters were adjusted, so that it is a more competitive strategy to upgrade towers.
  • Delay turret effects have been modified so that different tower levels have different delay effects, and so that effect durations can overlap with those differences being lost.
  • The level script has been adjusted. This was more a consequence of altering other parameters and code, rather than a careful design effort. I am planning to rework the enemy units soon, so I didn’t want to spend to much time analyzing this. I have been told by my tester that the game is much harder now than in the previous release.
  • Much of the code has been altered to be more polymorphic, which should aid in future development.

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